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25 March 2024 | Celltone | Anti Age

Mastering Minimalism: Craft...

In today’s fast-paced world, simplicity reigns supreme, even in the realm of skincare. Consequently, a lot of women are embracing a more streamlined approach, not only for the sake of their skin but also for their overall well-being and that of the environment.  Whether you are trying to save some bucks or you are just […]

5 March 2024 | Celltone | Advice

Collagen and Ageing: How It...

Collagen is a protein molecule that provides strength and structure to the body’s intricate framework. Found in muscles, tendons, bones, and skin – of course – you can think of collagen as the building blocks of our bodies. It is also a vital part of our connective tissue because it helps to hold the body’s […]

18 October 2018 | Celltone | Anti Age

Collagen keeps you young

Collagen is currently one of the buzzwords when it comes to skin care, whether it be topical creams containing collagen as an ingredient or collagen supplements. Collagen is the protein that makes up most of the body’s connective tissues including the hair, skin, nails, bones and joints.  It provides structure to connective tissue cells ensuring […]

25 September 2017 | Celltone | Anti Age

10 Benefits of Applying Vit...

One of the key ingredients in Celltone’s Tissue Oil is Vitamin E, which has long been recognised as an important skin care. It is both a nutrient and an antioxidant and helps rejuvenate the skin. Here are 10 benefits of applying Vitamin E oil on your skin: Nourishes the Skin Vitamin E makes the nerves […]

1 February 2017 | Celltone | Anti Age

Slow and Graceful – The New...

Dark marks and wrinkles remain a major concern for most women as they get older and whilst there is no miracle cure to either stop the hands of time or reverse their appearance, using appropriate skin care products can help to reduce and slow down the ageing progress. However, let’s first talk a bit about […]