10 October 2022 | Celltone | Pigment

The Future Of Hyperpigmenta...

Your skin gets its colour from melanin – a pigment produced by special cells (called melanocytes) in the skin. Unfortunately, when these cells become damaged – by the sun, for example, or by simply getting older – it affects

10 October 2022 | Celltone | Pigment

What Is Hyperpigmentation (...

Melanin is a complex polymer produced by cells called melanocytes. There are two types of melanin, pheomelanin which is yellow/red in colour, and eumelanin which is brown/black in colour, and their abundance and distribution in the skin vastly impacts skin

5 October 2018 | Celltone | Pigment

Staying Lighter Means Not G...

One of the most common requests we get as a skin care company is for skin care that will help lighten the tone of people’s skin and reduce pigmentation. This is nothing new – the practice of skin whitening is said to date back to Elizabethan times when women and men strived to achieve a […]

25 April 2016 | Celltone | Pigment

Celltone’s Solution t...

Celltone Gel can assist in reducing the appearance of dark marks and spots caused by Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation, caused by pimples, abrasions, scars or sun damage. So, does Celltone Gel really work in reducing the appearance of DARK MARKS and SPOTS? To answer that, Celltone did a marketing survey. In the survey, 8 out of […]