18 April 2018 | Celltone | Essential Care

Snail Gel 101

Snail gel has been used in beauty products dates back to ancient Greece The use of snail slime for beauty dates back to ancient Greece, where Hippocrates reportedly prescribed crushed snails and sour milk to cure inflammation.  Modern use of snail creams in modern times started when Chilean farmers who handled snails for the French […]

8 November 2017 | Celltone | Essential Care

Celltone Snail Gel

Celltone’s Snail Gel contains Snail Gel Extract, which is known to be packed with with nutrients such as hyaluronic acid, glycoprotein, proteoglycans, and antimicrobial and copper peptides, all of which are commonly used in beauty products and have been proven to be beneficial for the skin. In nature these elements help to protect the snail’s skin […]